Somalia’s President Endorses Country’s Election Deal

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in a televised address to the nation late Monday welcomed a new election deal reached over the weekend by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and regional leaders in the capital Mogadishu and called for its urgent implementation.

The country’s political leaders agreed to conclude long-delayed parliamentary elections by Feb. 25.

The president’s speech, which appeared to strike a conciliatory tone, was focused on the country’s elections stalemate, security and foreign policy.

“Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to congratulate the recent Consultative Forum meeting in Mogadishu, which has yielded positive results that will strengthen the completion of the country’s elections,” said Mohamed.

He said the leaders issued a communiqué in response to concerns about the electoral process and how to overcome obstacles to it.

“The communiqué reaffirmed the electoral accords that were key to the electoral direction agreement of 17 September 2020 ratified jointly by both houses of parliament,” he said.

In a bid to ease the political turmoil that emerged after he announced the suspension of the prime minister’s powers for alleged corruption, Mohamed said “it’s not a time of turmoil, conflict and division, and we all have a responsibility to uphold the dignity and sovereignty of our country.”

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