Sudan’s Sovereign Council Accepts UN Initiative

Sudan’s Sovereign Council said Monday that it accepts a UN initiative to facilitate dialogue among all of the Sudanese parties to resolve the country’s political crisis.

Sovereign Council spokeswoman Salma Abdul-Jabbar Al-Mubarak said the council, headed by Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, welcomes the initiative.

She called for the participation of the African Union to support and contribute to the success of the intra-Sudanese talks.

Al-Mubarak further said that the council will form a caretaker government in order to fill the void at the executive level left by Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok’s resignation on Jan. 2

Volker Perthes, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sudan and head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), has launched a dialogue initiative between the Sudanese partners.

“The UN-facilitated intra-Sudanese political process is aimed at supporting Sudanese stakeholders in agreeing on a way out of the current political crisis and agreeing on a sustainable path forward towards democracy and peace,” he told a press conference.

The Sudanese Revolutionary Forces including the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) resistance committees, Communist Party and the Sudan Liberation Movement headed by Abdul Wahid al Nur as well as the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) have also welcomed the initiative.

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