Ukrainians in South Africa calls for sanctions to Russia

The Union of Ukraine in South Africa held a second pro-peace protest outside the Department of International Affairs in Pretoria, urging the South African government to condemn the occupation of Ukraine by Russian troops.

Nataliya Gordon, a Ukrainian resident living in South Africa, worries about her family in Kyiv.

“I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine, it’s the capital, and I love my city very much. My parents are currently in left in (the) city and every time I phone them I hear sirens, it’s very painful. Our hearts are broken, we really want the war to stop, please,” she said.

The protesters held up posters calling for South Africa to take decisive action by imposing sanctions on Russia and providing support to Ukraine.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for mediation and engagement to end the conflict.


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