UK announces £160m for hydropower in Africa at Commonwealth Forum

The Commonwealth Leaders of Government Meeting (CHOGM), held in Kigali, Rwanda on 20-25 June, hosted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the third day.

At the forum of world leaders from many countries, talks are held on gender equality, sustainable agriculture and development, green energy conservation, migration, and human rights, and panels are organized.

More than 25 government heads, including Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Uganda President Yoweri Museveni, have reached the forum.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address a conference on “Achieving a Greener Future” during the Commonwealth Government Presidents’ Meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali, Rwanda, on 23 June 2022.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at the business forum that the UK will offer £160m ($171m) for hydropower in Africa to support economies across the continent.

The relocation of asylum seekers is on the agenda of Britain and Rwanda and the immigration agreement remains on the agenda.

A meeting was held with Rwanda President Paul Kagame about “Partnerships between Rwanda and England, including the Migration and Economic Development Partnership”.

The UN Women’s Covid-19 Recovery Fund (UNWFC) held a meeting with farmers in the Bugesera region of Rwanda.

Rwanda is among the countries that set an example for gender equality. About two-thirds (61.3 per cent) of seats in parliament and 55 per cent of positions in the cabinet are women.

However, Rwanda was ranked 7th globally in 2021 in gender equality and women’s empowerment by the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Index.

Maxime Houinato, UN Women Regional Director East and Southern Africa stated that:

“In Rwanda, Africa and globally, UN Women is working to ensure that women and girls are safe, their voices are heard and they can make conscious choices. We can’t do this alone. Commonwealth Government Presidents play an important role as gender equality champions and their commitments IN CHOGM will increase the accountability of GEWE and are fairer to all.


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