Uganda president urges women to join money economy on International Women’s Day

Yoweri Museveni challenges women to engage in wealth-creation activities to pave future where they actively, equally participate in political space

President Yoweri Museveni has urged women in Uganda to join “the money economy” to alleviate poverty in their homes.

Museveni, in a speech to mark International Women’s Day, challenged women to engage in wealth-creation activities to pave the way for a future where they actively and equally participate in the political space.

“Every homestead must join the money economy and those with small pieces of land should use the four-acre model of farming,” he said.

The four-acre model is an initiative introduced by Museveni to end food insecurity, promote livelihood and utilize land for massive production.

“If you do this type of farming, you will defeat poverty through commercial agriculture,” he said.

Museveni’s calculation found that the farmer should have a coffee plantation on one acre, fruits on the second, pastures for feeding livestock on the third and the fourth acre for food crop growing.

Vice President Jessica Alupo in eastern Uganda, said the government has been making progress for women.

“I hope those who will come after us will find a better place because so much progress will have been made,” she said.

“The women leaders who were there in the 1960s can tell you that things were different and they made their contribution though we still have challenges, but the truth is things are changing,” she added.

Uganda ranks among well-performing countries in terms of gender parity in top leadership positions, including vice president, prime minister and Speaker of Parliament.

Nearly 50% of women in the Cabinet and representation of women in the parliament is above the global average, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2022.


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