Turkish woman takes solo Africa tour on motorcycle

Journey part of documentary project: ‘Africa through eyes of a woman’

A Turkish woman and academician who previously traveled tens of thousands of kilometers on her motorcycle in Europe and Asia, is now touring Africa as part of a documentary project: “Africa through the eyes of a woman.”

Asli Ozbay, who has traveled soli to countries in East Africa to the southern tip of the continent on her motorcycle, began her journey in Kenya in June and now has the countries on the southern Atlantic coast of Africa of her age.

While Ozbay shares her experiences regularly on social media as she has done previously. She plans to make a documentary that will show Africa through the eyes of a Turkish woman with visuals she shot in the process.

Ozbay, who is also an academician with the faculty of sports sciences at Turkiye’s Istanbul Gedik University, also wants to contribute to strengthening academic ties between Africa and Turkiye with the trip.

“Each route feels like a different journey that brings me together with myself’

Ozbay told the Anadolu Agency about her experiences on a motorcycle to the depths of the African continent where “not everyone goes.”

She previously experienced riding a motorcycle on several routes from the deserts of Morocco to the Himalayan Mountains.

“Each route feels like a different journey that brings me together with me,” she said.

She had hesitations about security issues before starting his trip. “I thought it would be dangerous, but on the contrary, the trip to Africa has been one of the safest and most comfortable trips I have ever felt — like I’m home,” she said.

Contrary to what she expected, she said she was having economic difficulties and the African route was one of the most expensive she has ever seen.

Ozbay said the average cost of accommodation in some countries, such as Botswana, can be 1,000 Turkish Lira ($73,35) per night and she advised those who are planning to visit the continent to bring tents to take advantage of affordable and safe camping areas.

She has visited Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, and South Africa on her motorcycle, and her next route is Namibia and Angola.

Perception of time in Africa 

She said she has good memories of each country. “Tanzania has been the most impressive country I have visited in Africa so far.”

Emphasizing that the African people have always approached her positively, Ozbay stressed that Africans have changed the way she perceived life.

And her perception of time in Africa is different from the rest of the world.

“Things can go a little slow here,” she said.


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