Turkish and Mozambican first ladies met in Istanbul

Emine Erdogan holds bilateral meetings with first ladies of Mozambique and Suriname and with executive director of UN Human Settlements Program

Türkiye’s first lady Emine Erdogan held separate meetings Thursday as she hosted her counterparts from Mozambique and Suriname, the queen of Malaysia, and the head of the UN Human Settlements Program.

Joint action on zero waste with Mozambique

Emine Erdogan met with Isaura Nyusi, the first lady of Mozambique.

Nyusi expressed her appreciation for Erdogan’s valuable work on global issues and conveyed her gratitude.

She also said a zero-waste initiative had been launched by the presidency of the East African nation, inspired by a similar project spearheaded by Erdogan, and proposed cooperation in this field.

“We shared Türkiye’s experiences in waste management and discussed our areas of cooperation in agriculture, education, and social services. I was pleased to hear that they have launched a Zero Waste initiative under the auspices of the Presidency in Mozambique, inspired by our Zero Waste project,” Erdogan later said on X.

During their meeting, the Turkish first lady shared information about the African Culture House and Handicrafts Market opened in Türkiye’s capital Ankara to promote the African culture, with the proceeds of the handicrafts’ sales sent back to women on the continent.

She and Nyusi also voiced hope for an increase in the number of students from both nations studying in each other’s countries.

Nyusi said she was particularly interested in the care of orphans in her country and in benefiting from Erdogan’s experience in social relief works, signing the Global Commitment to Zero Waste following the meeting.

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