Thousands of Moroccans protest normalization of ties with Israel

On Sunday, thousands of Moroccans gathered in the northwest cities of Tangier and Casablanca in pro-Palestine rallies to oppose normalization of ties between Morocco and Israel.

In both of the cities, people showed their support for people of Gaza which are facing with Israeli attacks.

Protesters displayed Palestinian and Moroccan flags, as well as images of Al-Aqsa mosque and Israeli onslaught victims in Gaza.

The rallies were supported by several NGOs, including the Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Opposing Normalization and the Moroccan Authority for Supporting the Causes of the Nation.

Participants showed their support for “resistance” which was instrumental in the release of Palestinian women in the temporary humanitarian pause agreement reached by Hamas with Israel.

Participants at the rally chanted slogans such as “a salute of struggle to resilient Gaza,” “the people want to overthrow normalization,” “heading to Quds, with millions of martyrs,” and “the people want the liberation of Palestine.”

They also chanted slogans such as “the people of Morocco for Al-Aqsa… with the flood of Al-Aqsa,” “Gaza, Gaza… symbol of pride,” and “the people of Al-Aqsa will march until victory and liberation.”

Participants also demanded that the Israeli communication office in Rabat be closed down.

In Dec. 2020, Morocco and Israel reestablished diplomatic relations, which had been frozen since 2000, a move that was opposed by popular and political forces in the kingdom.

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