The movie “Goodbye Julia” from Sudan, won 3 new awards

Sudanese movie “Goodbye Julia” directed by Mohamed Kordofani, won 3 international awards at Paysages de Cinéastes fest in France. The three awards are the Youth Jury Award, the Audience Award and the Women’s Jury Award.

The movie has previously won the Freedom Award at Cannes International Film Festival.

Also, the movie is selected as Sudan’s Oscars Contender.

Set just before the secession of South Sudan in 2011, Goodbye Julia follows Mona (Eiman Yousif), a well-off woman from the north, who seeks redemption after her husband shoots and kills a southern man. While in distraught, she hires the man’s wife Julia (Siran Riak) as her maid. The film depicts the complicated relationship and differences between Northern and Southern Sudanese communities.

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