The final decision was made regarding South African Imam Haron

According to decision, Imam Haron was tortured to death by the apartheid Security Branch

Imam Haron died in detention on September 27, 1969. Findings of the 1970, showed that the cause of his death was caused by his heart problems.

The apartheid police also claimed that he died falling down steps.

This Monday, Western Cape High Court decided that Imam Haron did not die because of heart problems and he did not fall down steps. He was a victim of torture by the Security Branch because he was opposed apartheid.

The judge of the lawsuit, Daniel Thulare found that Imam Haron suffered immensely at the hands of a criminal justice system that was complicit in his death in detention without trial.

He also found that the police, doctors and two out of four district surgeons in Cape Town lied about how Imam Haron died and did not give him proper medical examination or treatment.

The new inquest findings were referred to the National Prosecuting Authority for possible prosecution of any surviving state employees involved in Haron’s death.

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