The Central African Republic puts an end to the diplomatic privilege granted to France

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Central African Republic has officially notified France of its decision to end the deanship granted to the French ambassador in Bangui on a permanent basis.

This status, as the head of Central African diplomacy pointed out, “has been reserved for French ambassadors since the country’s independence on August 13, 1960”

The Central African Minister for Foreign Affairs Sylvie Baipo has just written a letter to her French counterpart, Catherine Colonna, in which she announces that her country is ending the deanship granted to the High Representative of France to the Central African Head of State.

Bangui noted that it was with regret that she noted that “beyond the fact that the reciprocity that applies in international relations has not been applied” and “the privileges to be granted to the counterpart Central African Republic has not been observed for several decades”.

On June 7, 2021, France suspended military agreements with the OAC, which it accused of conducting anti-French campaigns, and announced that it would withdraw its last contingent from Bangui, the capital, by the end of this year.

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