Sudan revokes license of Al Jazeera Mubasher TV

Sudanese authorities cite ‘unprofessional coverage’ for move

Sudanese authorities have revoked the license of the Doha-based Al Jazeera Mubasher TV, citing “unprofessional coverage” of developments in Sudan.

The Information Ministry said in a letter to the director of Al Jazeera television in Sudan on Saturday that the move was taken due to the channel’s “unprofessional approach” and broadcast of media content that “harmed the country’s higher interests and national security”.

This is the second time for the Sudanese authorities to close Al Jazeera office in Sudan.

In May 2019, the office of the Doha-based television was shut down by Sudanese authorities, which reversed its decision two months later.

Sudan has been in turmoil since Oct. 25 when the military dismissed Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok’s transitional government and declared a state of emergency.

Prior to the military takeover, Sudan was governed by a sovereign council of military and civilian officials tasked with overseeing the transition period until elections in 2023.

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