South Africa’s ruling party on the rough way of to decide president’s fate amid graft accusations

Cyril Ramaphosa skipped the African National Congress's National Executive Committee meeting, despite seeking re-election as party chairman later this month

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) party on Friday postponed a meeting to discuss the fate of President Cyril Ramaphosa, following an official report saying he may have violated the constitution.

On Friday, members of the party’s highest decision-making body, the National Executive Committee (NEC) including former President Thabo Mbeki, but the crisis talks were adjourned for a while later.

Ramaphosa was faced with an accusation of covering up the theft of vast amounts of cash at his farm,  in the Limpopo province in 2020 at an independent panel led by former Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo released a report.

Opposition politicians and dissidents within the ANC call Ramaphosa to resign and the country to hold snap elections.

The president has denied any accusations and claims.

“I have never stolen taxpayers’ money. I want to reaffirm that I was not involved in any criminal conduct,” said Ramaphosa, who is seeking reelection as ANC leader later this month.

His spokesman said the president would “step aside” if he was charged for the alleged criminal cover-up.

Dirk Kotze, a political scientist at the University of South Africa, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday that parliament would decide on Tuesday “whether the motion to impeach the president should go ahead or not.”

“I think the ANC, which has the majority in parliament, will vote against it,” he said, adding that Ramaphosa would have a “good chance” of being reelected as the party’s leader if this happens.


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