Somalia Parliament elects first ever female deputy speaker

Somalia Parliament elects the first female deputy speaker of the Lower House.

Sa’diya Yasin Haji Samatar was elected as the country’s first female Deputy Speaker of Parliament in the vice-presidential elections held in Somalia on Thursday.

In the first round of the first vice-presidential elections, Mohamedweli Abdalla Ahmed received 59 votes, Mohamed Ali Omar Ananug 58, Sa’diya Yasin Haji Samatar 52, and Khadija Mohamed Diriye 21 votes.

There was no winner in the first round.

In the second round of the elections, Mohamedweli Ahmed and Khadija Diriye withdrew from the voting. Mohamed Weli announced that he supported Sa’diya Yasin and Khadija Diriye supported Ananug.

Sadia Yassin won the election with 137 votes, while her rival Mohamed Ananug got 107 votes.

Abdullahi Omar Abshirow, who defeated incumbent Mahad Abdalla Awad in the 2nd vice president elections, was declared the Second Vice President of the 11th Parliament of Somalia.

Abdullahi Abshirow received 146 votes, while incumbent Mahad Abdalla Awad received 95 votes.

Prime Minister Mohmed Hussein Roble and President Farmajo congratulated the newly elected Vice-Presidents of the Lower House.

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