Somalia parliament approves defense pact with Türkiye

'Historic’ 10-year agreement to safeguard country’s sovereignty, says Somali prime minister

Following Cabinet approval, Somalia’s parliament on Wednesday passed a defense and economic pact with Türkiye in the country’s capital Mogadishu.

After the pact’s easy approval on a vote of 213-3, lawmakers praised the agreement to reporters as another step for the country’s stability and security.

Abdifatah Qassim, deputy defense minister and a parliamentarian, called the pact timely and significant.

“As you know Somalia is in a difficult position right now, as while we are fighting the terrorist Khawarijs (al-Shabaab) and there has been meaningful progress, a new front has been created for Somalia by a neighboring country by attacking its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said, referring to Ethiopia.

Earlier, Somalia’s Cabinet approved the agreement, with Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre hailing the pact as “historic,” saying that it shows that Somalia is not a nation without friends.

“A momentous occasion, the cabinet has endorsed a defense collaboration pact between Somalia and the esteemed Republic of Türkiye, a NATO member and close ally,” Somali Information Minister Daud Aweis said on X after the vote.

The agreement is a 10-year pact that will “significantly” bolster the Somalia government’s endeavors to safeguard its sovereignty, according to Aweis.

Barre also thanked the government of Türkiye and its people for their steady support for the government and people of the Horn of Africa nation.

Earlier this month Somali Defense Minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur and Turkish National Defense Minister Yasar Guler signed the agreement, which covers maritime security and trade issues.

“Somalia is an important partner of Türkiye in Africa,” Guler said at the signing ceremony. “In our discussions, which took place in a very warm atmosphere and further strengthened our relations, we reiterated the importance we attach to Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The pact is seen as Türkiye’s critical contribution to enhancing peace and security in Somalia and the Horn of Africa region.

Türkiye, a close ally of Somalia, has invested in its education, infrastructure, and health, and given it extensive humanitarian aid.

Türkiye has its largest embassy in Africa in Mogadishu and also built its largest overseas military facility there to train the Somali national army.

News of the pact comes as tensions between Ethiopia and Somalia continue to escalate after Addis Ababa signed a Red Sea access deal with Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland, a deal that Mogadishu has called “illegitimate.”


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