Rwanda welcomes immigrants from the UK

The Rwandan Government inaugurated three of the facilities where immigrants and asylum seekers from England will be accommodated.

Rwanda Deputy Government Spokesperson Alain Mukurarinda said that preparations are underway to host the migrants and they are expecting the first group towards the end of this month.

“The arrival date of the first migrants in Rwanda is not yet known. We think the first group of around 50 people will probably arrive in the next few weeks.

We welcome all categories of people, including families, singles and seniors, as well as immigrants who have entered the UK illegally, and that’s why we have prepared different facilities to welcome them.” Mukurarinda said.

Stating that they will not imprison immigrants and only host them, Mukurarinda stated that immigrants have the right to travel. “Immigrants and asylum seekers will have freedom of movement just like Rwandans,” Mukurarinda said.

According to the contract they signed with the UK, it was announced that the immigrants would be hosted in the facilities for 5 years, and then they would have the right to apply for asylum. The UK and Rwanda signed the Migration and Economic Development Partnership agreement on April 14 to send illegal immigrants and asylum seekers in the UK to Rwanda.


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