Russia sent 25,000 tons of wheat to Mali

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says Moscow transferred 50,000 tons of wheat, 22,000 tons of fertilizers to Mali in 4 shipments

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday that Moscow transferred 25,000 tons of wheat to Mali.

She said it was the fourth shipment and in total Russia delivered 50,000 tons of wheat and 22,000 tons of fertilizers to Mali.

“Russia intends to continue to actively contribute to the overcoming of acute socio-economic problems by African countries, including through the provision of necessary humanitarian assistance,” she said at a news conference in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that last year, Russia harvested a record crop of 156 million tons of grain, while this year the crop is expected to be more modest, at 143 – 147 million tons.

Russia refused to extend a Black Sea Grain Initiative in July and complained that contrary to the program’s aims, most of the food exports go to rich, developed countries instead of poor ones, and that the Russian part of the agreement had not been implemented.


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