Ruling coalition celebrates the election victory in Senegal

Local Senegalese citizens and the country’s diaspora voted in the country’s general elections on Sunday to choose members of the 165-seat parliament to govern for the next five years.

Senegal President Macky Sall’s ruling coalition Republican Alliance (APR) announced that he won the parliamentary election held in the country yesterday.

At midday, local authorities reported that fewer than half of the voters in various cities had voted. Dakar, the capital city, had no more than 20% turnout, and most cities had less than that.

Former Prime Minister Aminata Toure, leader of the ruling party, announced some of the election results yesterday on national television.

The ruling coalition has received 30 of the country’s 46 administrative regions and won the general election by a small margin, Toure said.

“We won in 30 districts. That undoubtedly gives us a majority in the National Assembly,” Toure said.

The parliamentary election is a test before the presidential election in 2024, it said.

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