Presidential elections in Somalia will be held on May 15

Reported that the presidential elections, which caused a political crisis in Somalia and have been postponed for months, will be held on May 15.

According to the statement made by the Somali Election Committee, the country, which has completed the parliamentary elections, will determine the new term president on May 15.

While the registration date for the candidates is announced as 8-10 May, the campaign speeches in the parliament will be held on 11-12 May.

Among the presidential candidates are current President Muhammed Abdullah Fermacu and former President Şerif Sheikh Ahmed, former President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud and former Prime Minister Hasan Ali Hayri.

In the country, where violence was seen due to the delay in the election calendar, the tension eased after Prime Minister Mohammed Hussein Roble took over the process.

Fermacu’s term expired on February 8, 2021.

The Horn of Africa country has completed the country’s longest parliamentary election, which lasted more than 22 months.

Due to the electoral stalemate, Somalia has seen multiple standoffs, primarily between its president and prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble.


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