Presidential elections are held today in Liberia

Liberian people will choose president and members of Parliement today.

Libaria, which means “Land of free people”, is known to be founded by “free childrens” of Afro-Americans who were enslaved before.

After Ethiopia, Liberia is the country that was not colonized among African countries. Liberia also the oldest country of the continent. Lately it happened two civil war in Liberia, but today, the country seems already overcame them.

Today in the country which has 5,2 millions of population, 2,4 elector will choose President among 20 candidates. And 73 parliamentarians will be chosen by electors.

Current President George Manneh Weah is candidate for Presidential elections, he will compete to be President for second term.

The elections will be followed by local and foreign observers.

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