Parliament dissolved for the second time in Guinea-Bissau

The President of Guinea Bissau dissolves parliament and calls new legislative elections

New drama in a country where President Umaro Sissoco Embaló has determined to dissolve Parliament and organize early elections. These aim to position degree end to a persistent political crisis and can be command by the highest of the year.

“I have determined to supply the bottom to the people of Guinea so as that when a lot of this year they will freely choose at the box the Parliament they have to have for degree eleventh term,” declared Umaro Sissoco Embaló, President of the country since 2020.

The head of state even his decision by “persistent and insoluble differences” with the legislative body for several months.

“The tenth assembly reworked the People’s National Assembly into a neighbourhood of political guerrilla warfare, of conspiracy; many deputies worked to weaken the institutions of the Republic instead of doing everything to strengthen them.”, even the president.

The geographical region obtained its independence from the European nations late, in 1974. In nearly fifty years, Guinea’s national capital has already suffered around nine coups or made a shot.
Last Feb degree attack on the presidential palace, conferred as a degree tried takeover, value the lives of 11 people.


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