Nigerian doctors leaving in droves due to working conditions

Thousands of doctors in Nigeria participate in the wave of brain drain due to the lack of equipment and poor salary.

Nigeria’s health minister has decried the brain drain of Nigerian doctors to other countries is not unique to Nigeria, as other countries suffer a similar fate.

Health Minister of Nigeria Osagie Ehanire said the government is working to improve the working conditions of doctors and other health workers in order to prevent mass migration.

We are not just talking about the low-level staff here, we are talking about the highly specialized doctors leaving the country. And when you undertake studies to know why they are leaving, 80 per cent of them responded that it is because of poor remuneration.

“I am imploring the government to try to find stop the situation before it gets out of hand,” said the Chair of NARD.

He stated that over the past two years or so, Nigeria has lost 2,000 doctors and on average, we lose between 100 and 160 doctors leave every month.

“Patients that come to hospitals will have long clinic hours, such that a patient that should ordinarily see a doctor within one hour can spend the whole day because if you have one doctor attending to more patients than he should,” said the NARD Chair.


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