Nigeria cancels Czech premier’s visit

Nigerian government's refusal to host Petr Fiala, his business delegation is linked to Prague's pro-Israel stance on ongoing onslaught on Gaza, reports Czech media

Nigeria has canceled the visit of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and his business delegation at the eleventh hour, citing its government’s inability to provide an adequate reception to them.

However, the Czech media reported on Tuesday that the Nigerian government’s refusal on Monday, just one day before Fiala and his business delegation visit, is linked to Prague’s pro-Israel stance in the UN on the ongoing Israel-Palestine armed conflict.

The Nigerian government has informed them that it is unable to provide a proper reception and program for Fiala and his business delegation.

Based on this, they decided to cancel the visit, Czech government spokesman Vaclav Smolka told journalists in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, where they arrived after visiting Ethiopia, according to Irozhlas news outlet.

The prime minister and his delegation were scheduled to arrive in Nigeria on Tuesday for a two-day official visit.

However, Irozhlas cited diplomatic sources in its report, stating that Nigeria’s move may be related to the Czech government’s overt pro-Israeli policies, as Israel faces growing global criticism.

It added that the Czech Republic, along with the US and Israel, was one of 14 countries that voted against the UN General Assembly resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza on Oct. 27.


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