New book from Africa Foundation Publications: A Decade Trasformed: The Revival of Turkey Somalia’s Multilayer Relations


The book “A Decade Transformed: The Revival of Turkey Somalia’s Multilayer Relations was published by Africa Foundation Publishing in Turkey.

The editor of the book, Mehmet Köse, made statements about the book.

Stating that one of the most talked-about issues in Turkey’s African policy in recent years is the Somali policy, Köse stated that “the dizzying developments in Somalia and Turkey-Somalia relations, especially with the active intervention of Turkey in 2011, are a matter of curiosity.”

Köse emphasized that “this process, which started with Turkey’s visit to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia at that time, turned into multi-faceted cooperation in a short time, and that the humanitarian intervention continued with the construction of the economic infrastructure, peace-making, and state-building processes.”.

Köse used the following statements about the book:

“In this book, we tried to address this multi-layered relationship with our valuable researchers. There are 15 different articles based on direct research in the study, which deals with the 10-year transformation. It has the feature of being a reference in this field of study, which includes researchers from Turkish, Somali and other countries.”

The names of the authors of the book, which contains 15 different articles, are as follows: Seyoum Merga, Mustefa Dashu, Can Aygül, Brendon J. Cannon, Ibrahim Abdirahman Mukhtar, Mohamed Salah Ahmed, Muhammed Yasir Okumuş, Alptekin Cihangir İşbilir, Ebuzer Demirci, Zainab M. Hassan, Uweis Abdullahi Ali Bare, Abdirizak Muhumed, Esra Keleş, Hasan Hüseyin Eker, Abdirashid Diriye Kalmoy, Yusuf Sheikh Omar, Ruqaya M. Abdirahman, Abdinasir Hersi.


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