Mozambique gains significant gains in fight against terrorism, with the help of other African countries

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi said that the progress made in the fight against terrorism in his country is an example of Africa's determination to solve its own problems.

In his speech at the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), Nyusi stated that they have achieved significant gains in the fight against terrorism in the north of Mozambique, thanks to the support given by Southern African countries and Rwanda.

Stating that the forces in the field need financial support, “The experience of combining a bilateral and multilateral intervention is an example of the determination of Africans to solve their own problems on their own.” he said.

He said that the terrorists still continue their attacks and try to instill fear in the public, but the displaced people have started to return to the liberated areas.

Nyusi also stated that even though they try to build infrastructure and re-establish social solidarity in the region, his country has been exposed to hurricanes many times due to climate change and that they were only able to compensate for one-third of the damage.

He reminded that the countries that pollute the environment the most in the world continue to produce emissions, and most of the damage is suffered by the countries that produce the least pollution.

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