Meet The Family Of Five Nigerian Sisters Who All Became Medical Doctors

A highly inspiring story from Nigeria captures the five sisters who are all medical doctors and equally contribute to the country’s health system. The siblings from Nigeria – Salamat, Halima, Khadijah, Raliat, and Medinah Aliu – are each specialized in different medical fields, truly proving their commitment to progress and serving as an inspiration to many.

The Aliu family was blessed with five outstanding daughters, all of whom pursued careers in medicine, according to The Cable.

Salamat, the oldest sibling, is a specialist in neurosurgery, making her the first female neurosurgeon in West Africa. Halima has a flourishing career in plastic surgery, while Khadijah chose the path of family medicine. Raliat serves as an obstetrician and gynaecologist, and Medinah serves as a community health physician.

The possibility for women to thrive in medicine in some parts of Africa is minimal. However, the Aliu sisters have broken through barriers and upheld their family name to higher standards. In a society where gender equality and access to education remain a pressing challenge, these sisters have defied the odds.

The sisters are an inspiration to many other women who would want to indulge in careers unusual to their gender, encouraging them to confront and tackle societal norms, especially within the Black community.

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