Manipulative rhetoric from the French media against the Moroccan administration

Following the Moroccan earthquake on September 9, France, like many countries, requested to send aid to Morocco, but did not receive any response.
After his request for help went unanswered, Emmanuel Macron addressed the Moroccan people via the social media application X.
For France, after such a disaster, to address the Moroccan people through non-diplomatic means, bypassing the head of state and the Moroccan king, described as unethical.
The cartoon published in the left-wing French newspaper Liberton two days after the earthquake targeted the Moroccan king. In the cartoon and in the video shared by Macron, the Moroccan king was depicted, whom he accused of not being able to coordinate national aid. In the news about Morocco published in France, it is generally emphasized that the government and the king were unable to coordinate the aid and that they left aid offers unanswered.
While search and rescue efforts for the disaster are still continuing, Moroccan authorities have not yet made a statement in the face of the attitude of the French administrators and media.

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