Kenyans protest Israeli attacks on Gaza

‘It is our duty as fellow human beings to raise our voices against such injustices,’ says Nyali MP Mohamed Ali, who led protest

Hundreds of Kenyans in Mombasa demonstrated Saturday to express solidarity with Gaza Strip residents who are enduring an Israeli blockade and nonstop attacks.

Protesters displayed banners while waving the Palestinian flag.

Placards bearing slogans such as “Stop the Violence”, “Stop killing children and civilians” and “Solidarity with Gaza” were prominently featured.

The protests were led by Nyali MP Mohamed Ali along with other officials.

Ali said it is a must to condemn the wrongs going on in Gaza.

“We stand with the people of Gaza during this trying time. The suffering and violence they are enduring must end. It is our duty as fellow human beings to raise our voices against such injustices,” he said.

The Gaza Strip is currently facing a dire situation, marked by Israeli airstrikes, disruption of essential utilities, including water, power and internet services, and evacuation orders for more than 1 million residents in the north to move to the south.

Hostilities between the Palestinian group, Hamas, and Israel escalated when Israeli forces launched a sustained and forceful military campaign against the Gaza Strip in response to a military offensive by Hamas within Israeli territories.

The conflict began with Hamas initiating Operation Al-Aqsa Flood — a multi-pronged surprise attack involving rocket launches and infiltrations into Israel through land, sea and air routes.

Hamas cited the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem and the increasing violence of Israeli settlers against Palestinians as the key reasons behind the offensive.

In a move to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, Türkiye has dispatched humanitarian relief planes to an Egyptian airport to send aid to the embattled enclave.

At least 4,385 Palestinians, including 1,756 children, have been killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza. The figure stands at more than 1,400 in Israel.


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