Kenyans hold candlelit vigil in solidarity with Palestine

Dozens in Nairobi urge peace as concerns grow about civilian casualties

Dozens of Kenyans gathered Saturday for a candlelight vigil in the heart of the capital, Nairobi, to empathize with the suffering of the people in Palestine.

As candles flickered, Kenyans came forward to share their thoughts and prayed for the women, children, and all civilians who lost their lives in the conflict which has entered its second week.

“It’s heartbreaking to see innocent lives lost every day due to the indiscriminate bombings by Israeli drones. Children are dying, families are being torn apart, and the world must take action to end this cycle of violence,” said Aisha Ahmed.

Yusuf Hassan, a student, emphasized the need for peace.

“We stand and empathize with the people of Palestine and call for an immediate cease-fire. The world must come together to end the suffering and loss of life,” he said.

Ahmed Ibrahim, a member of Kenyans 4 Palestine, said: “Our goal is to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict and the suffering of the Palestinian people. We believe in a world where everyone can live in peace and security.”

“The world’s nations must unite to ensure a just and lasting solution for Palestine,” he said.

The event was organized by Kenyans 4 Palestine, The Pan African Palestine Solidarity Network (PAPSN) and the podcast Until Everyone is Free. It was hosted at Cheche Bookshop.

The embattled Gaza Strip is facing Israeli airstrikes, a cutoff of utilities including water, power and internet, and an order for more than 1 million residents to evacuate in the north and go to the south.

Hostilities between Palestinian group Hamas and Israel began when Israeli forces launched a sustained and forceful military campaign against the Gaza Strip in response to a military offensive by Hamas in Israeli territories.

The conflict ignited with Hamas initiating Operation Al-Aqsa Flood — a multi-pronged surprise attack, including rocket launches and infiltrations into Israel via land, sea and air.

Hamas cited the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem and Israeli settlers’ growing violence against Palestinians as the reasons behind their offensive.

Türkiye sent three planes with humanitarian relief to an Egyptian airport in hopes of sending it to Gaza to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians.



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