“International Africa Symposium” starts

International Africa Symposium organized by İnönü University Center for African Studies, İNUAFAM and coordinated with several associations, will be held on May 25-27 2024.

The aim of International Africa Symposium is to bring qualified and genuine studies considering African countries’ cultural, historical, political, conventional and financial ways up for discussion academically and to facilitate the production and dissemination of academic knowledge about Africa. In this context, it is aimed to re-evaluate the accumulated knowledge about Africa from past to present, to correct and develop it when necessary, and to produce knowledge through new and original interdisciplinary studies.

The “International Africa Symposium”, prepared under the leadership of Malatya İnönü University Center for African Studies (İNUAFAM), will be carried out with the support of eleven stakeholder associations including Turkish Red Crescent, the Presidency of Religious Affairs, the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities and Merhaba Afrika.

İnönü University Center for African Studies Director Assoc. Dr. İsmail Söylemez announced that the symposium will accept papers in a total of 4 languages: Turkish, English, Arabic and French.

Center for African Studies (İNUAFAM)

It is a student community established in 2022 to conduct African studies within İnönü University.

The community was established within İnönü University to create awareness of Africa and ensure coordination among students academically interested in Africa, to contribute to the orientation processes of African students, to contribute to the studies of the African Studies Research and Application Center within our university, and to carry out social, academic and cultural studies on Africa.

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