ICJ is set to rule provisional measures including a ceasefire

The ICJ is 9 ktset to rule on nine provisional measures effectively to heal the situation in Gaza, but a timeline for when that will happen has not been stated.

The ICJ might also rule South Africa’s request that it orders Israel to halt its offensive.

Israel has argued the provisional measures cannot require a state to refrain from exercising a “plausible right to defend itself”.

On the issue of jurisdiction, Israel argued that one of the requirements of the ICJ’s mandate is that the state putting forward the case should try to sort out this problem first. According to Israel, they did not manage to talk to South Africa before they brought this case to the court. In turn, South Africa argued it had reached out to Israel but obtained no response.

ICJ President Joan Donoghue ended the two-day hearing saying the court will announce its decision in the coming days.

ICJ’s decide will not rule at that time on the genocide accusations. Those proceedings could take years.

The ICJ’s decisions are final and without appeal, but the court has no way to enforce them.

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