Guinean young man crossed 6 countries on his bike to study at Al-Azhar

Mamadou Al-Shafii Barry from Guinea set out on his bike from his hometown, Dubreka, with the dream of studying at Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

Ignoring the difficulties of the road in order to pursue his dream, the 25-year-old young man from Guinea traveled 5000 meters and reached Chad, passing through Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin and Niger. Leaving his wife and child behind, the young man completed his journey on the African continent by staying in forest areas at night.

When he reached the Chad border, the young man had to leave his bike and change his route due to the war that broke out in Sudan and reached Cairo. While continuing his education life in the modest apartment he lives in, he spends his days reading the Quran to support his language development and nourish his soul.

He stated that he is willing to complete the journey, even he doesn’t have a bike and has to walk barefoot. He also said that he is very happy to have the opportunity to study at Al-Azhar University.

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