FEIT has urged Southwest State Elections Implementation Team to suspend the election of HOP204

The elections, which were expected to take place last year in the Federal Republic of Somalia led by Farmajo, could not be ended for more than a year due to increasing tensions and disagreements. The elections were planned to be concluded by February 8, 2021. However, the election process has been slow for more than a year and criticized by the opposition and international stakeholders. At the point reached today, an important part of the parliamentary election has been completed. However, the debate on the transparency of the election and the Federal Member States continues. Due to these debates on transparency, international election observers claim that ”there is no election, there is a selection” in Somalia elections.

In Somalia, which is governed by the federal system, the effects of the federal administrations and their presidents on the election are still an important subject of criticism. Many Somali experts claim that the presidents of the federal states unlawfully involve the election process which will determine the both future Somali President and future of Somalis. Although there are many allegations that the leaders of the federal member states rigged the elections, a few examples of these allegations are as follows.

What begs attention is South West State, headed by pro-Farmajo Abdiaziz Laftagareen who stopped prominent leaders and senior officers like Sharif Hassan, former president of that state, MP, Speaker of Parlement, Minister has been blocked from flying to Baidoa, his constituency. Prof. Jawaari, a well-known legal expert who served as a speaker of parliament was as well refused to be given the candidacy certificate in the first weeks of the election.

As Somalia comes towards the deadline of 15 March, the date given to states to conclude the parliamentary elections, it is claimed that Laftagareen unlawfully now blocks Defense Minister, Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur famously known as Jama, from contesting his seat, #HOP204. However, the Somali Federal Electoral body has urged Southwest State Elections Implementation Team to suspend the election of #HOP204 seat of the House of People until its procedure is met.

Jama, a Turkish graduate from Ankara University, who worked at Somali Embassy in Ankara as Charge De’Affairs, was later appointed as Deputy Intelligence Director (NISA), then the senior advisor to the Speaker of Parliament, followed by his appointment as Justice Minister and now Defense Minister has recently been an icon in Somali politics.

He has been campaigning officially for the last two years for that seat and gained popularity and support from his people. Currently, the seat is halted after his supporters filed a complaint to the Conflict Resolution Committee.

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