“Expanded global partnership for sustainable development” call from South Africa

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for an enhanced and expanded global partnership to achieve sustainable development.

In his speech at the 18th G20 Leaders Summit held in New Delhi, the capital of India, Ramaphosa said, “South Africa calls for an enhanced and expanded global partnership for sustainable development.”

He stated that access to adequate and predictable financial resources is critical to achieving development goals. He also said “People see billions of dollars being spent on armament rather than struggling development challenges.”

Ramaphosa also touched upon the issue of climate change and, “Even though developing economies bear the least responsibility for climate change, they bear the brunt of the crisis.” he said.

Ramaphosa pointed out that the economies of Africa and other developing countries are struggling to fulfill their climate commitments amidst important development problems such as poverty, inequality and unemployment. “It’s vital important industrialized countries, which bear the greatest responsibility for climate change and have wider opportunities, support sustainable development in developing economies.” he stated.

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