Ethiopia organizes a “peace army” consist of half million volunteers

In Ethiopia, Addis Ababa City, it’s organized a volunteer “peace army” to work with security forces.

Lidya Girma, Addis Abeba City Peace and Security Administration Bureau Head, said this week that more than 465 hundred “peace army” members are organized by the Bureau and were deployed “to all districts” of the capital city to work with security forces without receiving any financial support.

She said “the main purpose of these organisations is to identity security threats and causes of security problems in the city by organizing with the security structure”.

In last year’s April, Lidya said that they start a training program for “peace army” members to be deployed in all cities organized by the Bureau.

There’s major work being done to provide broad based training to this force, especially in connection with prevention of crimes and violation of rules, as Lidya stated.

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