Ethiopia declares indefinite humanitarian truce in Tigray

Conflicts between the army and the rebel TPLF in Ethiopia since November 2020 have led to a serious humanitarian crisis in the region.

Ethiopia on Thursday declared “an indefinite humanitarian truce effective immediately” in its northern Tigray region, halting its 16-month war with rebel forces there.

The Government Communication Service said in a statement that there is a need to expedite the provision of humanitarian aid to people in need in Tigray, which has a population of 5.5 million.

“Currently, thousands of people from the Tigray area are migrating to neighboring areas to seek help. The government considers that the situation requires urgent measures to ensure that those in need can receive assistance in their areas.

“Cognizant of the need to take extraordinary measures to save lives and reduce human suffering, the Government of Ethiopia hereby declares an indefinite humanitarian truce effective immediately,” the statement said.

Ethiopia called on the donor community to redouble its generous contributions to alleviate the situation and reiterated its commitment to working in collaboration with relevant organizations to expedite the provision of humanitarian assistance to those in need.

The statement called on “the other side,” referring to the TPLF, to reciprocate the declaration of the humanitarian truce just declared.


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