Egypt announced that humanitarian aid delivered to Gaza by air

Egypt announced that air aid was dropped to the north of the Gaza Strip, where Israel continues its attacks and prevents aid from entering, leading to famine.

Egyptian Army Spokesperson Garib Abdulhafez made a written statement regarding the delivery of humanitarian aid by air to the Gaza Strip, where Israel has continued its attacks since October 7, 2023 and where there is a major food crisis.

Pointing out that an international coalition has been formed to drop humanitarian aid to the north of the Gaza Strip on a daily basis, Abdulhafiz stated that military planes belonging to Egypt and some other countries in the coalition have also dropped aid to Gaza on Monday.

Abdulhafez noted that aid was also delivered from Egypt through the Rafah Border Gate in order to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Morocco also announced today that it had dropped air aid to Gaza “for the first time” in coordination with the Israeli government.

Israel is pushing 2.3 million Palestinians living in Gaza, which it has attacked since October 7, 2023 to starvation.

According to the UN, 378 thousand people in Gaza are facing level 5 hunger, which is called “catastrophe”, and 939 thousand people are facing level 4 hunger, known as “emergency”, according to the Integrated Food Security Stage Classification (IPC) scale.

It is reported that Palestinians, especially those living in the north of Gaza, have started grinding animal feed because they cannot find flour.

It was reported that the number of deaths due to famine and malnutrition in the Gaza Strip increased to 27.

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