Earthquake in Morocco: Moroccan comedian Jamel Debouzze donates blood

Earthquake in Morocco: Moroccan comedian Jamel Debouzze donates blood French Moroccan comedian Jamel Debouzze joined the blood drive in Marrakesh amid the devastating earthquake that struck the Atlas Mountains Friday night killing over 2000 people according to the latest official figures.

Debouzze praised the show of support and solidarity within the country.

“I’m very moved to be here. We’ve had the opportunity to see a bit of this solidarity, it’s incredible, you have to film it, you have to pass it on, you have to see the extent to which Moroccans show solidarity with each other. The work you do, really, I have nothing to say,” expressed the comedian.

The earthquake wiped out entire villages in the foothills of the mountains, where civilian rescuers and members of Morocco’s armed forces have searched for survivors and the bodies of the dead.

Rabat on Sunday announced it had accepted aid offers from four nations, while many other countries have said they were willing to send assistance.

Authorities have responded favourably “at this stage” to offers from Spain, Britain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates “to send search and rescue teams”, the interior ministry said.

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake is said to be the strongest and the second deadliest ever registered in the region.


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