DR Congo held talks in İzmir to improve business cooperation in trade

A delegation from the Democratic Republic of the Congo visited İzmir to improve business cooperation between the two countries.

The delegation, headed by Jean-Serge Poba, assistant to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Security of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mayor of Lemba, first visited Akıncılar Tactic Textile company, which produces textile products for military, security and similar purposes. Poba received information about clothing and protective equipment and conducted a feasibility study on cooperation with the company.

The guest delegation then had a meeting with Deputy Governor of İzmir Hulusi Doğan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Izmir Representative Ambassador Naciye Gökçen Kaya, and officials of the mine and energy company.

The delegation lastly had a meeting with Deputy Mayor of Menemen, Yusuf Demircioğlu, and received information about the social projects carried out.

Poba told that they have great confidence in Türkiye’s experience, especially in the field of defense industry.

He stated that they want to establish a partnership with Türkiye and a friendship between two societies. “We know that Turkey is more experienced than our country in many areas, that’s why we came to establish a partnership. We need peace and security in our country. We need to build a new future with people who will partner with us. This is the best time to invest in Africa. We came İzmir to tell this. Africa is now getting awake and taking action. Mining is improving in Congo and it is the richest country of Africa. I also know Türkiye is a big and rich country. That is why we can work together in many areas starting with mining.” he said.

Akıncılar Tactic Textile’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Can Uzuntepe pointed out that Turkish defense industry products are at very high standards in the world. He also said the delegation of Congo is very satisfied with the product and quality, and they are open to cooperation in the future.

General coordinator of the company, İlhan Şakiroğlu, stated that the investments to Türkiye’s rising star defense industry, started gaining and he said “We came together with our guests to establish partnership with many areas, especially defense industry, construction, mining and energy sectors.”

AA, Hacı Mustafa Kütükçü

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