Christians celebrate Eid festivities with Muslims

Muslims around the world are waiting for the Ramadan Feast, which brings the end of the month of fasting, while many Christians in the East African country of Tanzania are waiting for Muslims to join the celebrations.

“Kibodya, a devout Catholic, said this year is special for both Christians and Muslims. We love our Muslim brothers and sisters, so we have every reason to join them in happiness and sickness, Vera Kibodya from the port city of Dar es Salaam told Anadolu Agency.

He said that Ramadan coincides with Lent

Christians urge their neighbors to celebrate the festivities together to promote a culture of brotherhood and dialogue.

In Tanzania, Muslims and Christians lived and continue to live in peace and brotherhood for many years.
Ismail Sabiti, 68, who is an imam at a local mosque on the Maandazi road street on the Msasani peninsula in Dar es Salaam, is preparing to invite his Christian neighbors to a feast with his family.

He said that since Islam preaches peace, progress cannot be made without developing good relations with neighbors.

“I strongly believe in the peaceful coexistence of all citizens, regardless of their religion. For me, peace and harmony between people is essential,” he said.


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