Cabinet members of the transitional government in Gabon have been determined

Gabon’s Prime Minister Raymond Ndond Sima, appointed by General Nquema on September 7, announced his new cabinet in a press briefing today.

President of the transition, General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema had sworn at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Gabon on September 4. Nguema was announced as the new strong man of the capital Libreville at the ceremony.

At the beginning of his speech, Nquema said, “I thank God Almighty for making our barren lands fertile,” and continued: “I would like to start this speech with a grateful heart, by addressing God Almighty with gratitude.”

Who is in the new cabinet?

Minister of Institutional Reform: Murielle MINKOUE

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Régis ONANGA NDIAYE

Minister of Justice and Government Spokesperson: Paul Marie GONDJOUT

Minister of Health and Social Affairs: Andiren MONGOMBOU

Minister Delegate: Françoise MAKAYA widow MBOU

Minister of National Education: Kamelya NTOUTOUME LECLERC

Minister of Higher Education: Hervé NDOUME ESSINGONE

Minister of Employment: Solange NGIAKIÉ

Minister of Public Service: Raphaël NGAZOUZET

Minister of Public Works: Flavien NZIENGUI NZOUDOU

Minister of Housing: Ludovic MENIE

Minister of Culture: André Jacques AUGAND

Minister of Water and Forestry: Colonel Maurice TOSSUET

Minister of Oil: Marcel ABÉKÉ

Minister of Mines, Minister of Mines: Hervé Patrick OPIANGA

Minister of Agriculture: Jonathan IGNUMBA

Minister of Transport: Loïc MOUDOUMA NDINGA

Minister of Energy: Jeannot CALIMA

Minister of Commerce: Patricia NJAPANO

Minister of Tourism: Pascal NGOWET SYPHON

Minister of New Technologies: Ulrich MANFOUMBI MANFOUMBI

Minister of Public Accounts: Charles MBA

Minister of Economy: Mays MOUISSI

Minister of National Defense: Brigitte ONKADOWA

Minister of Internal Affairs: Hermann IMONGAULT

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