Burkina Faso suspends broadcast of French radio RFI

Government Spokesperson Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo stated that they suspended the activities of the radio until further notice, on the grounds that the terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda and DAESH-related groups broadcast a message threatening civilians who joined the army.

According to the statement, the radio, with its message, contributed to the terrorist manoeuvre to prevent thousands of Burkina Faso from joining the army.

The Burkina Faso government announced that it would recruit 50,000 soldiers at the national and local, with the campaign it launched last month.

The suspension of RFI comes amid growing anger in Burkina Faso against France.

Last month, protesters demanding the expulsion of the French ambassador attempted to storm the French Embassy in the capital Ouagadougou.

In Burkina Faso, which has seen two coups in the West African country this year, protesters blamed France for Burkina Faso’s problems, including persistent mistrust.


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