Burkina Faso: Seven killed in attack on a mining company’s convoy

At least seven people were killed Friday in an attack perpetrated by unidentified armed individuals against a supply convoy of the Boungou mining company, located in eastern Burkina Faso, according to local sources.

A convoy from the Boungou mine, operated by the Canadian mining company Semafo, was attacked in the eastern Nadiabondi region, about twenty kilometres from the mine. The regional newspaper “Gulmu.info” reported at least 7 dead, mostly drivers.

“The convoy was parked in the Nadiabondi area and was targeted by several gunmen.

In November 2019, the attack on a bus convoy from the same Canadian mining company left at least 37 dead and 60 injured, according to the authorities.

This Canadian company, owner of two mines in Burkina Faso (the Boungou mine in the east and the Mana mine in the west) had already recorded two attacks in 2018.

The mining sector, with 17 mines in operation, is facing security challenges imposed by armed terrorist groups, forcing at least three companies to close while others are operating at a minimum.

No statement has yet been made by Burkina Faso authorities.


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