BioNTech introduces establishment of mRNA manufacturing facilities in Africa

Biopharmaceutical New Technologies, a next-generation immunotherapy company pioneering new treatments for cancer and other serious diseases, has announced opening facilities to develop mRNA-based vaccine production in modular and scalable African countries.

The establishment of mRNA manufacturing installations in Africa is planned in the mate countries Senegal, Rwanda and potentially South Africa;

The manufacturing solution consists of one medicine substance and one formulation module, each called a BioNTainer.

Each module is assembled of six ISO sized holders. This allows for mRNA vaccine product in mRNA manufacturing and formulation, while filler and finish will be taken over by local mates such as 

The BioNTainer will be equipped to manufacture a range of mRNA- grounded vaccines targeted to the requirements of the African Union member countries, for illustration the Pfizer- BioNTech COVID- 19 vaccine and BioNTech’s investigational malaria and tuberculosis vaccines, if they’re successfully developed, approved or authorized by nonsupervisory authorities.

Macky Sall, President of the African Union and President of the Republic of Senegal said: “This visit to Marburg is another significant milestone in Senegal’s target to deliver end-to-end vaccine manufacturing in Africa and for Africa, leveraging the infrastructure and technical capabilities of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar’s Madiba project. We are looking forward to working with BioNTech to install the modular production system for mRNA vaccine manufacturing in Dakar in the coming months.”

It is planned that the vaccines produced in these facilities will be allocated for domestic use and exported to other member countries of the African Union at a non-profit price.


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