Bhengu, speaker of African National Congress, “For South Africa it’s not questionable that Palestine is under occupation”

Speaker of African National Congress (ANC) Mahlengi Bhengu, pointed out attacks of Hamas is right considering Israel keeps attacking Palestine territory for a long time.

Today (Sunday) Mahlengi Bhengu said Palestinian soldiers do not have any choice but to choose violence, because of Israel’s actions.

The ANC is supporting Palestine, citing the country as increasingly facing hostility similar to South Africa’s former apartheid regime, justifying humanitarian support for the predominantly Muslim country. “It can no longer be disputed that South Africa’s history of apartheid is the reality of occupied Palestine.” she said.

“Israel’s policy of resettling its civilians in occupied Palestinian territory and displacing the local population is a violation of the fundamental rules of international humanitarian law, so the Palestinians’ decision to respond to the brutality of the settler Israeli apartheid regime is not surprising” she added.

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