Benin is developing its Artificial Intelligence strategy

The development of the national Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy is at the center of a workshop organized on Friday April 22, 2022 in Cotonou, Benin.

Divided into groups such as Services, Data, and Infrastructure; ecosystem, institutional, legal and regulatory framework; awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and development of human capital, participants in the workshop to develop the national Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy are examining the report of the multisectoral steering committee on the ‘IA.

At the opening of the workshop on Friday,  in the  Cotonou, Gaspard Datondji, secretary general of the Ministry of Digital and Digitization and chairman of the organizing committee, indicated that the participants’ proposals will make it possible to develop a “consensus document” on the national Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy.

According to him, the achievements made upstream will make AI a powerful lever for sustainable development and job creation.

These are the Digital Code, fiber optics, the establishment of a data center, a platform for the interoperability of information systems and data, etc.

“Implementation of the National AI Strategy will certainly manage, showcase and monetize the big data resulting from the execution of several digital sector projects that will be scaled up under the program of government action 2021-2026 through phase two of the smart administration project,” said Ahmed Sacca Yarou, director of cabinet at the Ministry of Digital and Digitalization.


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