Belgian city holds memorial service for victims of Morocco earthquake

The Belgian city of Antwerp on Monday held a memorial service for the over 2,500 people who died in last weekend’s earthquake in Morocco.

As crowds gathered on a square in the city centre, the Moroccan national anthem was played, followed by a minute of silence to honour the dead.

Thousands of people of Moroccan origin live in Antwerp and the community has been deeply affected by the earthquake.

Antwerp resident, Zhor Boulaich Kasmi, said they feel deeply concerned by the deadly quake.

“We’re really touched. These are our brothers who were victims of the earthquake. We’re a long, long way away, but our hearts are with the Moroccans,” she said.

Hundreds of people, many carrying Moroccan flags, attended the commemorative ceremony during which city officials and representatives of the Moroccan community expressed their solidarity.

“We want Moroccans in Morocco to feel that those who live abroad are there to help them, it’s very important. We’re all human beings, we have to help each other, very simple,” said resident Guido van der Linden.

Source: Africanews

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