Anadolu Agency hosted 14 African media representatives at ’21st War Journalism Training Program’

Media representatives from Kenya, Niger, Guinea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Chad and Somalia received training for 12 days.

14 media representatives from 8 different African countries participated in the , organised with the cooperation of the Anadolu Agency (AA), Police Academy and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) in the capital city of Turkiye.

The program, which will last for 12 days, aims to train journalists in crisis management in war, disaster and emergency situations.

Media representatives are given theoretical and practical training on first aid, burns and injuries, technology and information transmission security in emergencies, war correspondence, news language in crisis areas, asylum seekers and refugee camps, water survival, vehicle safety and advanced driving techniques.

African media members who attended the training stated that the techniques they learned during the training were very useful in terms of being able to be used in their country.

Yahaya Souleymane from Niger, who works as a security and public order reporter for the National Public newspaper, stated that the training is practical and found CPR training, which is a life-saving technique in emergencies such as a heart attack or drowning, extremely useful.

He stated that Niger was exposed to the attacks of terrorist organizations and that he often went to war zones with the security forces, and therefore the training was very useful.

Mariam Issa Krebis from Chad stated that education is a very different experience for her and said, “We are doing similar things, and we have discovered different methods here. It was quite difficult, more difficult as a woman, but it was quite beneficial.”

Emphasizing that education will have a huge impact on the events they encounter in real life, Krebis said, “We have experienced real events here, and we will experience them in life.”




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