Algeria calls on UN Security Council members to stop forced Palestinian displacement

Algeria's Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Ammar bin Jami, called on members of the UN Security Council to stand against the efforts to displace Palestinians from Gaza.

According to the Algerian official news agency APS, Bin Jami spoke at the UNSC session where the forced migration of Palestinians were discussed at the request of his country.

“Our position must be clear on the rejection of the expulsion of Palestinians from their land. Everyone needs to know that the Palestinians have no place but their own land. According to Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention, it is clearly contrary to international law to send those people from their land,” he said.

Calling on the international community, especially the UNSC, to oppose the relocation of Palestinians with one voice, Bin Jami said:

“The brutal bombing of Gaza, the destruction of infrastructure, the targeting of everything that is a sign of life, is aimed at making the area uninhabitable and destroying the hope of the Palestinian people to return to their homes.

It is aimed to expel them from their lands and easily implement plans to solve the Palestinian problem by evacuating the occupied territories. No one in this room can remain silent about these plans. Anyone who remains silent here is an accomplice.”

The Algerian official underlined the new facts in the West Bank and East Jerusalem should not be ignored as everyone focuses on Gaza, which is under intense attacks.

Drawing attention to the fact that Israel has killed thousands of people in the Gaza Strip, Bin Jami said, “Isn’t it enough that more than 23,000 people, including more than 10,000 children, have been killed in Gaza, more than 60,000 have been injured, more than 60 percent of the buildings in the city have been destroyed, and all the people in Gaza are facing hunger?”

Since the beginning of the year, Algeria has started to work as a non-permanent member of the UNSC for two years, representing the African Continent. Algerian diplomats say the Palestinian cause will be at the top of the country’s top priorities in his new role.

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