Al-Azhar calls help for Palestinians amid Israeli attacks

Cairo-based institution terms Israeli military as ‘terrorist army that lacks all meanings of morality, humanity’

the Palestinians amid an Israeli campaign of aerial bombardment in the Gaza Strip.

“Al-Azhar urges governments of the Arab and Islamic countries to race to provide help to their brothers in Palestine, and to mobilize their capabilities, wealth, and sources of power to support them and stop the aggression of this usurping entity against them,” the Egypt-based institution said in a statement.

It termed the Israeli military as a “terrorist army that lacks all meanings of morality and humanity, and permits various brutal crimes from bombing hospitals, destroying mosques and churches to killing children, women, reporters, and innocent citizens.”

It hailed countries, organizations, and officials “who came out to condemn these brutal massacres in Gaza and demanded a halt to the Zionist aggression and the killing of children and innocents.”


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